ASOST Family Engagement Resource Center

Why it’s so important: Our research, in partnership with the Harvard Family Research Project and United Way of Massachusetts Bay and the Merrimack Valley, has shown that family engagement in after school time is associated with:

  • Increased family involvement in a child’s education and school
  • Improved parent-child relationships
  • Higher quality programs

Inclusion Resources and Activities

 9 Questions for Families When Including a New Child in Your Program

Family InclusionIt can be difficult to effectively integrate new children in your program, especially when they face disabilities or other challenges. The California Department of Education’s After School Programs Office created this 1 page worksheet with straightforward questions to ask families to ensure you’re successfully integrating children at your program.

Includes questions that go beyond yes/no responses, including:

  • What kinds of situations does your child find stressful or upsetting?
  • How would your child like to be introduced to the staff and the other children in the program?


Improve your Program’s Family Engagement:

Focus on Families! How to Build and Support Family-Centered Practices in After School
Engaging Families Toolkit
Family Engagement Strategy Checklist
50 Nifty Tips
User-friendly family event planning tool and sample

Track and Monitor Child & Family Goals and Progress:

Family check-in for child goals
Weekly Progress Notes

Strengthening Families & Align to QRIS:

Strengthening Families Program Assessment (for Center-Based/Early Childhood and After School Programs) QRIS requirement
Strengthening Families Self-Assessment for Family Child Care QRIS requirement
Strengthening Families Staff Survey
Strengthening Families Protective Factors Survey for parents.
Center for the Study of Social Policy, Strengthening Families webpage

Visit other Great Family Engagement Websites:

Family and Community from the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.
Children’s Trust is a Massachusetts’ organization dedicated to helping families raise physically and emotionally healthy children.
Family Engagement page from the Southern Poverty Law Center.
Harvard Family Research Project
National Center for Families Learning (NCFL) A national organization, dedicated to promoting family engagement in education.  Formerly the National Center for Family Literacy.
One Tough Job Parent support resources.
Parent and Family Engagement Page from the US Department of Education.
Camp Wonderopolis Features a wonder of the day each day to invite inquiry and exploration. Created by NCFL.